Who Are Dog Krazy Gifts?

13 Oct, 2019 7 Comments

Who Are Dog Krazy Gifts?

It all began a few months after we had started dating.

“One day in mid conversation, Alix randomly asked me if we could have a dog when we moved in together and I replied yes of course. Now at the time we hadn’t really talked about living together and actually lived about 70 miles apart… A couple of weeks later I was at work when Alix sent me a text ‘I’ve found her and I’m going to get her’. Talk about confused, I had no idea what she was on about”.

Dog Krazy Gifts - Honey The Miniature Pinscher

Simon got home that night to find Alix had moved in and we had a furbaby; Honey the Miniature Pinscher.

Within days we were well on the way to being dog krazy!

The pack quickly grew.

Honey had come from a rescue centre, having spent the first 3.5 years of her life in a truly terrible puppy mill. It took some time to get her fit and well again and introduce her to what having a home and being loved felt like.

It took a lot to gain her trust. Slowly she settled but it was obvious that she still missed her puppies, so six months after she arrived;

Faith the Japanese Spitz came home to live with us.

Dog Krazy Gifts - Honey and Faith The Japanese Spitz

While a lot whiter and fluffier than her new ‘mum’; she was a puppy Honey could mother and raise for herself.

Then less than a year later our four-legged family was made complete.

We heard about a farmer who was going to PTS some of his very young Beagle x Retriever puppies for no good reason.

Along with a handful of other families, we piled into our cars, crossed the country to his farm and rescued them.

Poppy a six-week old tiny bundle of love and beagle bandit mask; was instantly adopted by Faith, well when she wasn’t terrorising her in our garden.

Dog Krazy Gifts - Poppy The Beagle x Retriever

Poppy ever the lapdog, grew to Golden Retriever size, but still thinks she is the size of a Japanese Spitz.

That was it, our little family was complete.


Our lives were changed for good!

The girls come with us everywhere we go and yes ended up sharing first our bedroom and then our bed with us (We do have doggie house rules, just not very many of them).

We moved to a new house, just so that  the girls would have a bigger garden to run around in.

Our family adventures always involved travelling with the girls so we could introduce them to as many new experiences as possible.

We bought a camper van so they would all have space to settle when we travelled.

Dog Krazy Gifts - Beach Fun

We became experts at finding dog friendly places, activities and holiday destinations, with Bed and Basket in Cornwall quickly becoming our happy place.

As proud parents of amazing fur babies we started attending as many local fun dog shows as we could and yes we won more than our fair share of prizes; but it's all about our little ones, who really love meeting people and so they shone in all the attention that they received.

We started to get involved in supporting a few of the local dog organisations and rescues here in Milton Keynes or nearby, like Animals in Need who are an amazing no kill animal rescue based in Wellingborough, who rescue everything from Hedgehogs to Horses and of course unfortunately lots and lots of dogs; MK Dog Squad and MK Strays both of whom do just unbelievably outstanding work in the Milton Keynes area to get lost dogs home and safe.

And we made so many great friends; that we would never have met without our pack. Doggie people really are the best and we are so grateful to be part of such a supportive local group.

And of course, back home, more and more our house became a temple to all things dog.

But we found it was incredibly difficult to find gifts for each other that featured the breeds that we loved and even harder to find unique and high quality dog themed presents.

Each Christmas there seemed to be a different fashionable breed of the year available everywhere, but otherwise everything seemed to be rather cheap and nasty.

So we got to talking... 

The big idea.

Create a mom and pop store where dog lovers of all breeds (and no breeds) could find a warm welcome and feel at home.

A place where, we could treat our customers like friends we haven’t met yet (if you love dogs then we know we’ll become friends if we do meet and unlike certain large web retailers, every single order is appreciated by us, with “Order Up” often ringing through the office!).

And what a great excuse to seek out and work with amazing artists and designers from across the UK, who have wonderful and unique high-quality dog gifts.

After a lot of hard but fun work.

In late 2017, we opened the online doors to our store, Dog Krazy Gifts.

and in early 2018 we started taking our pop-up boutique out to the local fun dog shows we enjoy so much.

Dog Krazy Gifts - Pop-Up Boutique

It’s been an amazing adventure so far, we’re proud to have built up good relationships with some stunning artists and even better we’ve got to know so many dog loving customers either online or at the shows we attend. Best of all we’ve got to meet and give treats to untold numbers of amazing “good boys” and “good girls”.

We love what we do and we’re grateful that so many customers get it and trust us to supply the perfect dog themed gift!

7 Responses

Mike Jones
Mike Jones

20 May, 2021

Hi, it’s lovely to hear about people who really love dogs. We recently lost our little Beagle named Brie from cancer. She was only 7 years old. We’re still struggling with the situation, but seeing the little dog figures you sell, warms our ♥️. Thank you for your story. It is great. From two old pensioners. Thanks again.

Sue H
Sue H

20 May, 2021

What a heartwarming story. I have just one pup he’s a Bishon frise and is 9 tomorrow. We are his slaves lol we got a king size bed and he’s sleeps on his back in between us, loves cheese and sausages. I wish you continued success in your business its a fabulous site. Stay safe.

Robin Macdonald
Robin Macdonald

09 Sep, 2020

very much enjoyed reading your story. I am dog crazy but only have one as it is just me and my dog. we are very close to each other and I have hate having to leave him at home when I go out to somewhere where he cannot go eg. dentist etc


16 Mar, 2020

We are a beagle household so we are delighted to meet someone who rescued a beagle cross. Love your stuff too! We’ll definitely be back if only for the Haribos in the package :)

Bev Bev Cook-Abbott
Bev Bev Cook-Abbott

21 Nov, 2019

Lovely story, very grateful of your help whenever asked for in Dog Squad MK, gorgeous couple x


21 Nov, 2019

Brilliant story loved reading it. So lucky Ive got to meet your pack and give them cuddles whenever I see them

carole munro
carole munro

14 Oct, 2019

Even though I have known you guys for a while, I never knew your back story, a great tail (get it dogs have tails)

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